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Press dossier
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Clausura Excellence Fair 2010
Excellence Fair 2010 closed its doors a year with great success in attendance, 2,500 visitors passed through the tournament to enjoy the various activities held during the event. Also been initiated with equal success the charity dinner held in Africa Orphaned and presentations with the theme of challenges in adapting and evolving brands.

Excellence Fair is pleased to present Jesus Lizaso

Jesus Lizaso, renowned sculptor specializing in monumental work, simultaneously investigating several creative lines that range from the figurative (more present in their early stages) to pure abstraction and more current. His works, always of great impact, are characterized by the evident strength and technical mastery of all materials used in their creations.

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Ferarri Club Spain will be present in Excellence Fair 2010. During the charity dinner to be held on Friday 21:00 h. be auctioned by the very personalized merchandising Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, pilots of the legendary Scuderia Ferrari. We also enjoy the presence in the paper on Friday of its president, sr. Maria Jose Nuñez.

Presentation Gran Cabrio Maerati
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Activities Excellence Fair 2010
Excellence Fair held a conference a year from 17 until 19 June, in which not seek wealth or just be a simple adornment. It is a firm commitment by the "eco-luxury and luxury" responsible ", the sophistication will host the meeting.

Excellence Fair in Mundonoticias Hoy

Excellence Fair 2010
We are working on the next edition of Excellence Fair, to be celebrate 17, 18, 19 in June 2010.


Luxury Market 2009
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Couture Bride
For the first time in the Chapel of Perelada's Castle, a great exhibition of "Alta Costura Novia" (high bride seam) will take place on the sixth and seventh. On Friday, the eighth two parades will be realized by models for delight of the public assistant and featured by live Opera inside the Chapel.

Luxury dinner

Domingo García chef will be prepare a special menu for Luxury Market. Every night at 22.00 p.m Luxury Dinner. More info and reservations



Luxury Golf Day

Furniture and accessories
For those exhibitors that need furniture, you can find an accesories catalog in the press section of the website

Romero Arabian Horses in LUXURY MARKET
Romero Arabian Training will be at LUXURY MARKET, making a spectacular show with the finest Arabian horses.

LUXURY MARKET in the QUO magazine.

The Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona Tourism will attend Luxury Market
The Tourist Board Costa Brava Girona will be present to Luxury Market 2009, promoting their tourism high-level offer.

Luxury Market in the magazine NEGOCIO
On Friday 7th November, the digital diary NEGOCIO reat  in the supplement DE VICIO, an article of luxury fairs.  For more information visit the section of PRESS.

The luxury defies the pesimism with new stores in Spain

Luxury Market in the Magazine Special Class

Luxury Market in the means

Russian Project
Bilingual portal Russian - Spanish directed tourists, businessmen, real-estate investors, personalities of Russia with high buying power that increasingly they visit Spain, and especially, Catalonia.

New site for the edition 2009
After the success of the year 2008, Luxury Market 2009 will have diverse innovations.